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We at Christ Church, Melton, believe that as God did not hold back giving his son Jesus in order to save us, we too should have the same attitude towards giving. A great way to partner with us in seeing the Gospel working in our community and abroad is by giving.


This is very simple to set up, providing you have internet banking. Christ Church's bank details (BSB and Account number) are provided below and are printed each week in the Order of Service and on our Facebook page.

Account Name:

Christ Church Anglican Church Melton-Operating Account

BSB: 033-121
Account No: 525058

If you wish to keep your giving anonymous, just put the word 'offertory' in the fields marked 'name' and 'message/reference.'


It is impossible to be an authentic Christian and not be a praying Christian. The great reformer Martin Luther once said:

"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing."

As we seek to be an authentic community of Christian people, prayer is a necessary and fundamental part of what we do when we meet together as God's people. But we also seek to encourage individuals to be meeting together with God on their own, in personal quiet times. We ask God's people to remember to pray for the church's ministry during these times.


There are many ways in which to serve the body of Christ at Christ Church Anglican Community. For further information on how you may serve, please speak to the Vicar or one of the churchwardens.


Many retired people have only a small fixed income but, over a lifetime, have accrued significant assets which upon death are often liquidated and divided up amongst children or family members. Have you thought about including Christ Church in your will?

How do you do this? It is necessary to make an adjustment to your will. This may seem daunting or upsetting, but it is not as hard as you think. However, you should seek your own legal advice on this matter.

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